Second phase of our big adventure started

June 2nd 2017. At last – the second year of our big adventure has started.

I have decided to write my blog only in English this year as there are so many of our American friends who want to follow us and it takes too much time and effort tor write both in Swedish and English. I hope all my Swedish relatives and friends will excuse me.

Yesterday Joyce and I flew from Stockholm to Paris and took the train to the little station Igney-Avricout between Nancy and Strasbourg. Jaques, the boss of the marina, picked us up with his car and drove us to Lagarde where Joy was waiting for us, already well cleaned by the marina staff, the engine and all the devices working well. Lagarde was at its best with its rural charm, a heat-wave and great concert by the birds: nightingale, cuckoo-bird, blackbirds and more. After a lovely dinner at the Lagarde restaurant it was great to crawl into our bed. Joyce is struggling quite a bit with all the relative discomforts with boat life but I just fully enjoy it.


So now the plans are made for our three month boat trip from Lagarde to Strasbourg, down the Rhine to Mainz, up the river Main to Bamberg, on the Main-Donau Canal over to Donau and then on Donau (the Danube) all the way down to the Black Sea. All the way there are mates coming and take turns to help me with the boating and the locks, children, grandchildren and friends. Joyce will leave after two months, in Budapest, that was her limit for her for boat life. I try to attach a file with the plan of the route and a map.

Schedule boattrip 2017IMG_0572

Tomorrow the first of our mates will arrive, my 91 year old (sic!) sister Birgit and her younger friend and very competent boat-person Ann. On Sunday we take off. The picture show the first 200 yards of the trip on the Canal de la Marne au Rhine and in the background you might see the first lock of the 42 (sic!) we have to pass before we arrive in Strasbourg next week.


Author: nilsassarson

Retired child psychiatrist but still working part-time. I am recently married to an american woman and we are living halftime in Stockholm, Sweden halftime in Palo Alto, Ca, USA. Have three kids and nine grandkids from earlier marriage.

One thought on “Second phase of our big adventure started”

  1. Så härligt att bli hämtad av Nils vid stationen och körd i en Citroën 2cv till båten, där Joyce väntade med en andra frukost ( den första fick vi klockan fem på nattåget). Solen skiner efter regn, och jag har hunnit med en promenad i den oskiftade bondbyn Lagard.


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