Made it to the Black Sea!

Sulina, Sept 6th
There is no time for any extensive blogging but I just want to tell that Anders and I have arrived to Sulina, Rumania, which is where Donau ends and falls into the Black Sea. We arrived on Sept 4th, just according to the schedule, received by Lennart, my mate for the sailing on the Black Sea. Here we have made a tour out on the delta, seen hundreds of pelicans and what must have been 100 000 cormorants, a mighty sight. We have made the boat ready for sailing, said good-bye to Anders this morning and are now on our way out on the Black Sea. What a marvelous feeling to breathe the air from the sea after so many months on rivers and channels! Sailing down to Sozopol will take 4 – 5 days, winds are good and spirits high.

Author: nilsassarson

Retired child psychiatrist but still working part-time. I am recently married to an american woman and we are living halftime in Stockholm, Sweden halftime in Palo Alto, Ca, USA. Have three kids and nine grandkids from earlier marriage.

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