With good engine into Serbia

Apatin, Serbia, Aug 13th
My good mechanics made the job, cooling-system and generator is now working fine so with 770 USD less in my wallet I was now ready to go, after 6 days in Budapest and a couple of days behind schedule. Thanks, Mati and Vilmos, (see picture) for helping me, even working overtime on the weekend as their workshop was overbooked. Good job!
And here is a picture of the cause of alla my ordeals: the old deficient water-pump.
With Johan and Sofia I got some extra days in Budapest. We enjoyed one of the famous Hungarian thermal baths, Szecheyi, where we spent a hot day in the 86° soothingly warm water in the outdoor pools, where hundres of people meet and socialize (see pictures)
Another high point was an organ concert in the St. Stephen Dome and then a great view of the city from the top of the dome. 

We left Budapest and had a great last view of this beautiful city from the river.
Budapest with Parliament to the left
We were now into a new heat wave with temperatures in the 90ies but we had a lovely day on the Donau when Johan and Sofia took the rudder for long times which gave the captain good relaxation. We found a great marina for the night in Kisapostag.
Johan and Sofia at the beautiful marina in Kisapostag
They had a restaurant for a good dinner and also a beach on the river for a cooling swim. For me it was the first time I was , swimming in the real Donau, all other times had been in different bays without current. It was a great experience to feel with my body Donau´s strong current, which all the time is helping carrying my boat toward the sea. Swimming against the current took you relentlessly backwards and it was very hard even to walk on the bottom against the current. Strong, mighty river!
In Kisapostag Sofia had to leave us to go home. Johan and me went on to Baja, where I met my next ordeal: a violent stomach flue. We had to take another day of rest in Baja (which ironically is kids name in Swedish for n:o 2) 
but had good comfort and service in the Hajoker Bootsclub, close to the center. 
Next day we went on to Mohacs, the Hungarian border station, where we went through all the formalities of leaving Hungary and EU, a very efficient and swift process which only took half an hour with no cost. This in spite of me not having all the required papers. My ”förarbevis”, a certificate on my competence as a captain is lost, I am working with the Swedish authorities to get a new copy but hasn´t got one yet. The Hungarian border police was displeased but let it go. But I am afraid this will be a worse problem for getting in to Serbia. 
We passed the Hungarian border, where the Donau is becoming the border between Serbia and Croatia for a long distance. The villages in both countries looke fine now but it was sad to think of what a cruel place this used to be during the war in the 90ies. 
We were instructed on the phone to pass the Serbian border station, Bezdan, and go to the first Serbian harbour, Apatin, where we were well recieved in the marina. Unfortunately now Johan got his share of the stomach flue, which makes the meal we shared on a restaurant in Baja a very likely cause. We had fried pork filet there but also a delicious tomato sallad, which seems to be the likely culprit. So there will be another day of rest here, which we have to take anyway as the Serbian border police doesn´t work on Sundays.
Apatin marina

Author: nilsassarson

Retired child psychiatrist but still working part-time. I am recently married to an american woman and we are living halftime in Stockholm, Sweden halftime in Palo Alto, Ca, USA. Have three kids and nine grandkids from earlier marriage.

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